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Intel, PNY, Crucial, WD, Lacie, Seagate, Kingston, Samsung, and many more.

Data recovery from an SSD can be extremely complex and more challenging than data recovery from traditional hard drives.
An SSD consists of NAND chips that store data, as well as a controller that manages these chips.
Depending on the nature of the failure and the degree of chip corruption, data recovery from an SSD can be comparable to [a href=”https://www.s-data.lu/recuperation-de-donnees-express-nas-et-raid-luxembourg/”]data recovery from a RAID system[/a], where each NAND chip represents an individual hard drive, all managed and encrypted by the controller.
Our specialists are familiar with these complexities and have the necessary skills to perform data recovery operations on various models and brands of SSDs.

95% Recovery Rate

One of the highest rates in the industry. If data is not recoverable, you pay nothing!

Over 20,000 Parts in Stock

We have accumulated a significant stock of essential parts. We do not charge you for their use.

Over 26 Petabytes of Recovered Data

Twenty-six petabytes of data represent a little over 26,000 terabytes, equivalent to several thousand disks.

Express Recovery in 48 hours

Once your hard drive is received in our laboratory, we will need a maximum of 48 hours (business days) to recover all your data.

Clean room

No need for a clean room to recover your SSD data.

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