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Recovering data from a Micro SD card can be extremely complicated and is generally much more complex than data recovery from hard drives or other media.
You need to start by accessing the components and the printed circuit board since everything is molded in polymer. (see the photo on the left)
Then you need to know the pattern of this circuit, and there are thousands of them. After that, you need to be able to extract the data without corrupting it.

95% Recovery Rate

One of the highest rates in the industry. If data is not recoverable, you pay nothing!

Over 10,000 Cases Handled

We have accumulated some experience and have a substantial number of mapping and pin-outs.

Over 26 Petabytes of Recovered Data

Twenty-six petabytes of data represent a little over 26,000 terabytes, equivalent to several thousand disks.

Recovery in 10 to 20 Days

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to perform a 48-hour recovery for Micro SD cards due to the complexity of the medium.

Clean Room

No need for a clean room to recover your data from a Micro SD card.

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We will recover all your lost data.